Release 1.0.5

Upgrading from 1.0.4

If you have stored feature representations in an external database then please follow the instructions below.

Other Changes

Changed feature output format

The returned feature format has changed when retrieving it in a query via fl=feature. This new output format is more compact than the previous one and it is one step towards distributed search capability. The internal representation of the feature has not been changed, so there is no need for reindexing.

However, if you have stored the features in an external database for fast reindixing with the DataImportHandler (DIH), then this format is now deprecated and cannot be used for reindexing documents. You have to refresh your database with the current feature format.

Configuration check for pixolution.autoContext.fieldname

The correct configuration of the parameter pixolution.autoContext.fieldname is now checked at query time. If the referenced field has an invalid configuration (incompatible to Auto Context) then an error message is logged showing the current configuration. Auto Context cannot be used with an incompatible field configuration.