Release 1.0.6

Bug Fixes

Nullpointer Exception with documents without feature

When doing a visual search including documents that have no feature (e.g. because indexing failed for some documents but continueOnError=true), a Nullpointer Exception was thrown. It is now safe storing documents without a feature. Note that those documents are scored with 0 and a warning is logged when doing visual searches.

mm incorrectly applied with

The mm parameter controls how many optional clauses (e.g. keywords) must match a document, in order to be part of the relevancy calculations. Whith it was possible that the mm was ignored or not correctly applied. This bug is fixed.

Exception using Auto Context with empty keywords

An exception was thrown when Auto Context was applied on a document with empty keywords. This bug is now fixed.

Optimizations more robust

We have built up a completely new infrastructure to apply Auto Context and made several minor improvements. Compatibility to different query types is improved (BooleanQuery, TermQuery, BooleanQuery, ConstantScoreQuery, PrefixQuery, AllMatchDocsQuery and TermRangeQuery).

maxBooleanClauses is considered when using Auto Context

Auto Context automatically enhances the query by the keywords of the referenced document. Auto Context logs a warning if it would add more keywords to the query than allowed (see maxBooleanClauses in solrconfig.xml).