Release 1.4.1

Upgrading from 1.4.0

The parameter pixolution.autoContext.fieldname of the PixolutionParserPlugin QueryParser configuration in the solrconfig.xml is deprecated and must be replaced by the two new parameter pixolution.autoContext.fieldname.readFrom and pixolution.autoContext.fieldname.searchIn and configured accordingly.

If you do not want to change the current behaviour of AutoContext, just insert the same fieldname into both new parameters as you have in the deprecated one. Then AutoContext will use the same field for reading and searching.

New Features

HTML Response Writer

For faster installation and test purposes of our plugin, we have implemented a HtmlResponseWriter, specialized in creating HTML responses showing you image search results within your browser. Just configure the HtmlResponseWriter as described in the API and set wt query parameter accordingly.

Separate source and target fields for AutoContext supported

It is now possible to read AutoContext terms (stored keywords) from one field (pixolution.autoContext.fieldname.readFrom) and search for them in a different field (pixolution.autoContext.fieldname.searchIn). This way you are able to search in a field that is only indexed and contains all text data, and use a second field that only stores the keywords, relevant for image search. Of course, it is still possible to read from and search in the same field.