Release 1.4.2

Upgrading from 1.4.1

From now on, the shipped jar file has a modified filename. Please delete your old pixolutionForApacheSolr.jar and modify your classpath imports accordingly to the new name pixolutionForApacheSolr[solr version]_v[plugin version].jar (i.e. pixolutionForApacheSolr4.6.0_v1.4.2.jar).

Bug Fixes

Exception using Auto Context with special chars

Due to missing internal encoding of the keywords used by Auto Context an exception was thrown if the keywords contain special characters like % or ) . The keywords are now internally encoded and every character is supported.

Unexpected Exception in scoring process when document without feature

In rare circumstances a NullPointerException was thrown if a document without a feature is part of the visual scoring process. The expected behavior is to score those documents with 0 and to log a warning.

Incorrect FeatureNotFoundException when index is not optimized

During the query process an error in the index segment iteration code could cause a FeatureNotFoundException when documents are part of an unoptimized index segment which contains deletion flags. Assuming an affected document with id 1234 and a similarity query is triggered ( a FeatureNotFoundException is thrown. However a q=docid:1234&fl=feature query shows that the feature itself exists in the index. Besides updating to version 1.4.2 a workaround is to optimize the index to force all of the index segments to be merged into a single segment.