Release 1.6.0

Although this is a new minor version release it is fully compatible with former versions.

New Features

Visual Arrangement

The new functionality Visual Arrangement takes the result of a search and arranges the images on a virtual chessboard so that visually similar images are close to each other on a canvas. This component extends the response and delivers the calculated positions of the images.

Additionally you can specify the aspect ratio of your viewport to get a map fitting your sizes (i.e 16:9).

You can use Visual Arrangement to display the response as a 2d sorted map enabling you to show more images at once (up to 1000 images) without loosing overview.

In order to use this new feature you have to configure a new SearchComponent VisualArrangementComponent. Please refer to the API for details.

Other changes

pixolution lib 3.2.0 integration

This release integrates the new pixolution lib version 3.2.0 supporting the new Visual Arrangement functionality. pixolution features created with former pixolution flow remain compatible to this version.