Release 2.1.1

New Features

Keyword Suggester: Ignore documents with only few keywords

With the param ksuggest.inspect.minterms you can set a minimum threshold to only involve documents in the calculation which have at least n terms. Documents with fewer terms will be ignored and removed from the result set.

The Keyword Suggester uses a statistical approach. Documents with only few keywords will reduce suggestion quality since the variety of keywords is reduced.

Keyword Suggester: Retrieve document overhead as buffer

When using ksuggest.inspect.minterms the specified number of inspected documents (controlled via ksuggest.inspect) may be reduced, because documents can be ignored.

To compensate that, you can now set an overhead value ksuggest.inspect.overhead, to request more documents than actually needed to have a buffer to take documents from when other documents are ignored.


Exception causes returned when loading an image fails

Loading images is an error prone task, especially when loading from internet. To gain faster and greater insight why an image could not be loaded pixolution flow returns a compact stacktrace as error message containing all exception causes. Often, this reveils the root cause of the exception and helps debugging.

The complete stacktrace is still logged to file.

Other Changes

Naming scheme of JAR file changed

Our naming scheme of the delivered jar file has changed, to be more consistent with our new product name pixolution flow.

The new scheme is: pixolutionFlow[plugin version]_solr[solr version].jar (i.e. pixolutionFlow2.1.1_solr5.3.1.jar).