Release 3.1.0

New Features

New param rank.threshold

With the new param rank.threshold you can now filter search results based on the calculated similarity score. Only images with a higher score than the given threshold will be returned.

Up to now, the best matching images were returned, even if there were no relevant images in the index. With rank.threshold the result can be enforced to have a minimum relevancy. This allows to reduce the number of retrieved images and enables users to use visual search like other familiar filters.

Duplicate detection

pixolution flow ships with a new request handler called DuplicateHandler to detect duplicates of a given image. Duplicates may differ in size, file name, file format, encoding quality or might have other modifications. The DuplicateHandler acts as an easy to use facade with useful presets for detecting duplicates. Internally, a similarity search is done, with params suited to detect duplicate images.

The DuplicateHandler uses a auto-lookup mechanism to configure itself. Thus the configuration of the DuplicateHandler is only a one-liner.

With the params dup.find and dup.threshold you can control which image should be checked and how sensitive the detection should be.