Release 3.2.0

New Features

Legacy mode to work with image descriptor version 2.x

We’ve implemented a legacy mode to simplify updating from an old pixolution flow 2.x and former Solr versions.

pixolution flow supports old Solr indexes with already indexed 2.x image descriptors. Doing so you can update Solr to a new version without the need to update your image descriptors at once. pixolution flow supports running with an old index and also can produce legacy image descriptors. This enables you to do an incremental update of your image descriptors even with the same index. Legacy image descriptors and the new image descriptors can be produced and indexed in separate fields of the index.

As long as you are not ready to use the new image descriptors, you can run pixolution flow in legacy mode. With the parameter rank.mode you can control which image descriptor should be used when doing visual searches. To use the legacy image descriptors just set rank.mode=legacy.

Read the reference guide for the specific requirements, details and limitations of the legacy mode.

Other Changes

pixolution lib 4.1.0 integration

This release integrates the new pixolution lib version 4.1.0 providing the legacy image descriptor.

The lib now supports 8bit grayscale images. Internally, they will be converted to RGB images.

The Text Space filter calculation is internally done on smaller versions of the images. This improves text space calculation speed especially with huge source images.

PixolutionComponent Stats renamed and extended

The PixolutionComponent now calculates separate stats for each of the available search types. They have been renamed to match the parameter naming convention. The following stats are now available: rankByID, rankByColor, rankByURL and rankByDescriptor. With these you can inspect how often a specific search type was processed.

ContinueOnError removed

The feature continueOnError was removed. Instead, please use the TolerantUpdateProcessorFactory of Solr. This processor suppresses errors for individual add/delete commands within a single request and is compatible to SolrCloud.

This processor was introduced with Solr 6.1.0. The official Solr API doc shows how to configure the TolerantUpdateProcessorFactory .