Release 3.4.0

New Features

Automatic schema configuration

pixolution flow now supports the managed schema and schemaless mode of Solr, which is the default since Solr 6.0. Additionally, you don’t have to configure the schema via Schema API.

pixolution flow automatically creates all necessary field types and fields on the fly. When new documents are added to Solr, pixolution flow checks the schema configuration and updates it if needed before handling the documents. Having defined a unique key is now the only schema specific prerequisite for pixolution flow if not running in legacy mode.


Fieldname references ignore whitespaces

When parsing the solrconfig.xml fieldname references, leading and trailing whitespaces of the value will be trimmed and ignored. Supported attributes are: pixolution.fieldname.prefix, pixolution.fieldname.legacy, pixolution.fieldname.legacy.textspace, and

Other changes

Raised default download speed

To better match modern internet connections we raised the default download speed to 500 kbyte per second per connection. You can define a different download speed by setting processor.loader.kBytesPerSecPerCon accordingly.