The pixolution flow version consists of three parts, namely the major, minor and subminor numbers (major.minor.subminor , i.e. 3.4.1). Subminor version changes may contain bugfixes, optimizations or new minor functions. Major and minor version changes may contain API changes, new functions, improved image descriptors, that are not compatible with former versions.

Depending on your current version you may need to update your implementation of the pixolution flow API or configuration. In a few cases it is necessary to recalculate all image descriptors of the images indexed.

Note: The Upgrading from x.x.x sections describe what you have to do to upgrade to the newest version. If you have skipped udpates, please follow each Upgrading from x.x.x section starting from your current version until you have reached the newest version.

Always check JAR reference in Solr configuration

Always modify your classpath imports accordingly to the new name pixolution_flow[plugin version]_solr[solr version].jar ( i.E. pixolution_flow3.4.1_solrX.X.X.jar ). Delete the old version.