Value:none | existing field name or field type name
Default:uses analyzer of the ksuggest.field if not set

Param ksuggest.analyzer can be used to preprocess the raw values by a user defined analyzer chain in order to normalize and clear suggestions. If not set, the analyzer chain of the given ksuggest.field will be applied automatically. In most cases the default behaviour is sufficient and there is no need to set ksuggest.analyzer explicitly. However, it is a powerful way to influence the suggestions that should be made.

ksuggest.analyzer accepts the name of a configured field or field-type. If a field name is provided, the index analyzer chain of its fieldType is used.

If no analyzer chain should be used then set this parameter to value none. Further information about analyzer chains can be found in the Solr documentation.

If ksuggest.analyzer is configured in the solrconfig.xml and ksuggest.field is given in a query, then the associated analyzer of the ksuggest.field field will be used and overrides the configured default in the solrconfig.xml. If this is not wanted always explicitly define ksuggest.analyzer as query parameter.

Example of choosing an specfific analyzer chain to break down the stored raw data of the keywords field into lexical units:


Example without using any analyzer chain, just work with the stored raw values from ksuggest.field: