Configure PixolutionComponent

In order to add the pixolution search option to your Solr instance the PixolutionComponent is the entry point for pixolution flow. Add the PixolutionComponent to your requestHandler’s list of components as first entry. It is important that it is the first component in the request processing chain.

An example configuration adding the PixolutionComponent to the /select request handler:

<searchComponent name="pixolutionComponent" class="de.pixolution.solr.handler.component.PixolutionComponent">
  <str name="pixolution.parser">pixolutionParser</str>

<requestHandler name="/select"class="solr.SearchHandler">
  <arr name="first-components">

If the request handler is called the PixolutionComponent is activated when the query string contains the parameter pixolution=true. If this is the case the component uses the configured PixolutionParser to parse the query string. For further information about the available query options please refer to Visual Similarity Search.


Mandatory parameter. The PixolutionComponent needs the PixolutionParser for parsing queries. To retrieve the appropriate parser the name of the PixolutionParserPlugin is required (see Configure PixolutionParserPlugin for the configuration of the parser name).