Place the JAR file

pixolution flow consists of the pixolution_flow3.4.1_solrX.X.X.jar file only. Place the pixolution_flow3.4.1_solrX.X.X.jar file into the lib folder of Solr so that its classes are available at runtime. This folder already contains all jar files necessary to run Solr.

Usually, Solr is installed in /opt/solr (this might be different in your case).

The central lib folder of Solr:

// relative path in the Solr install directory

After placing the pixolution_flow3.4.1_solrX.X.X.jar in the lib folder, pixolution flow classes are loaded by Solr at startup and the plug-in must be configured, so you can use the plug-in.

If you are running Solr in cloud mode, you have to copy the pixolution_flow3.4.1_solrX.X.X.jar into the lib folder of each Solr instance which are part of the cloud.

Performance hint

For best performance we strongly recommend to also add the math library jblas-1.2.4.jar to the classpath. This implementation is often up to 10 times faster than the pure java implementation that ships with pixolution flow. You can download jBlas here. For more information refer to Native math backends for faster indexing