Text Space Filter

Value:true | false | 1 | 0

With the Text Space filter you can find images which

  1. have space in specific areas of the image suitable for placing logos or text,
  2. have occupied areas indicating positions of objects or structures.

The Text Space filter divides an image into nine equal subdivisions (3x3 parts). Each part is named after the points of the compass rose as abbreviation:


The Text Space filter is accessible via nine different fields. These fields are automatically created by pixolution flow. For each part pixolution flow generates a specific field storing a boolean value indicating whether this part of the image has space for text (true) or not (false).

The specific fieldnames depend on the configured global fieldname prefix defined by pixolution.fieldname.prefix. In this guide we use the prefix pxl_, therefore specific Text Space fields will always begin with pxl_textspace_ and end with the specifier adressing one of the nine areas of the image. In this example the created fields would be:

created fieldnameexposition of the Text Space place

To apply a filtering just use one or more Text Space fields within the q or fq parameter and specify whether they should be suitable for adding text and logos in these areas (true) or not (false ).

Variours filter queries searching for images suitable for adding logos in specific areas:

Find images with space at the bottom of the image (south):

&fq=pxl_textspace_sw:true AND pxl_textspace_s:true AND pxl_textspace_se:true

Find images with space at the left side of the image (west):

&fq=pxl_textspace_nw:true AND pxl_textspace_w:true AND pxl_textspace_sw:true

Find images that are occupied in the center of the image


Find images with space at the right side (east) and no space at the left side (west):

&fq=pxl_textspace_nw:0 AND pxl_textspace_w:0 AND pxl_textspace_sw:0 AND pxl_textspace_ne:1 AND pxl_textspace_e:1 AND pxl_textspace_se:1

You do not need to specify a pixolution=true in order to use Text Space filter. See the Solr documentation for details on these query parameters.