To use pixolution flow in legacy mode, you have to configure the legacy fields.

Check standard configuration

Before configuring the legacy mode, make sure that you already have updated the standard configuration described in Installation. The legacy configuration builds upon the standard configuration.

After configuration you will have fields for the legacy image descriptors and fields for the current image descriptor version.

Configure the Schema

pixolution flow provides the de.pixolution.legacy.schema.FeatureFieldType class, which can handle the legacy image descriptor format. Additionally, the legacy Text Space field has to be configured:

<schema version="1.6">
  <fieldType name="bool" class="solr.BoolField" />
  <fieldType name="featureType" class="de.pixolution.legacy.schema.FeatureFieldType" />
  <field name="feature" type="featureType" />
  <dynamicField name="textspace_*" type="bool" indexed="true" stored="true" multiValued="false"/>

Configure solrconfig.xml

After checking the schema configuration, pixolution flow needs the fieldnames of the legacy fields to know which fields to use when working in legacy mode.

Parser configuration to reference to the legacy image descriptor field:

<queryParser name="pixolutionParser" class="">
  <str name="pixolution.fieldname.legacy">feature</str>

ImageUpdateFactory configuration to reference to the legacy image descriptor field and legacy textspace field:

<processor class="de.pixolution.solr.update.processor.ImageUpdateFactory">
  <str name="pixolution.fieldname.legacy">feature</str>
  <str name="pixolution.fieldname.legacy.textspace">textspace_*</str>