rank.by url

Search by an image URL and retrieve visually similar images from your collection. The example image is set with the parameter rank.by=url:http://website.org/image.jpg. pixolution flow downloads and analyzes the image on the fly and returns visually similar images as result.

Percent-encoded URLs

URLs need to be properly percent-encoded. Please read URL Encoding carefully to generate valid URLs that can be parsed and processed.

Example for searching with an external image accessable via HTTP:


The same query just percent-encoded:


Given URLs must be absolute (they must contain the protocol). Supported protocols are HTTP, HTTPS and FILE. Other protocols like FTP will result in an error.

Note: The Auto Context feature cannot be used in conjunction with external images, since there is no stored textual information associated with that image. Therefore only visual search without automatic textual context can be applied.

Note: In order to query by URL the ImageUpdateFactory must be successfully configured (see Configure ImageUpdateFactory). If this is not the case, an exception is thrown at query time.