Value:visual | balanced | semantic | colors | legacy | >=0,>=0,>=0

With parameter rank.mode you can control the way images are scored. pixolution flow stores three descriptor parts in the index which are suitable for different search tasks. With param rank.mode you can control which descriptor parts are used and how much they influence the overall scoring process.

pixolution flow ships with four presets each with its advantages and disadvantages depending on the image set or use case: semantic, visual, balanced and colors. If these presets do not fit your needs there is an expert API where you can manually set the importance of each descriptor part.

In the following table you see the rank.mode presets and their expert counterpart values:


The legacy mode is a special mode, which instructs pixolution flow to use the legacy image descriptors of pixolution flow 2.x version. Please see Legacy Mode for details on this topic.

Example search with an external image and the rank.mode preset semantic:


Example search similar to an internal image with a manually set ranking mode using the expert API: