Visual Similarity Search

pixolution flow extends the Solr query API and provides new parameters. Visual search queries can be triggered via HTTP GET requests.

The URL structure for querying Solr is as follows:


A concrete query could be like this:


Always specify parameter q

The query parameter q specifies the document set to search in. Do not forget to define this parameter when doing visual similarity searches otherwise you will get zero results. To search in your complete collection specifiy q=*:*.


Value:true | false

In order to do a visual similarity search, PixolutionComponent must be activated per query. Set this parameter to true to do a visual search. The other parameters will not be parsed and processed if this parameter is not set accordingly.

Value:id | color | url | descriptor

The parameter contains the input for a visual similarity search. The following types of inputs are supported by

Different input types cannot be mixed. For example query by color cannot be used in conjunction with other inputs like image id or URL.

Each input type is given as a key:value pair deferred by a : char. Possible keys are id,url, color or descriptor.

The following example shows the general syntax of the key:value notation.


Except for query by color, only one key:value pair is allowed. The following sections explain each input type and its syntax.